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Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

We are the areas #1 rated

pelvic floor therapy providers!

Pelvic floor rehab is all we do here, and were proud of that. 

We treat all male and female pelvic health concerns. Every sessions is 1-on-1 (no aides or assistants) with our seasoned pelvic health therapists Paige Genova OTR/L, PCES  or Dr. Taylor Seabrook PT, DPT at our newly renovated rehab clinic in Poland, OH. Sessions are at least a full hour in length to ensure high quality care by our pelvic health experts.

We also offer virtual visits (because life happens)!

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Prenatal Rehab Program

Experience the pinnacle of prenatal rehab/labor prep in our area. VPH offers a comprehensive rehab approach for women who want to have a comfortable and active pregnancy, be prepared physically/mentally for labor and have an optimal postpartum recovery. Our trademark “Partner Sessions” ensure you and your birthing partner are aligned for the journey ahead (these sessions are our favorite!) With special certifications in pre/post natal rehab, we take the confusion out of movement in this season of life and help you meet your goals. 

Whats Included:

- All Rehabilitation Needs

-Handouts and guides for labor positions and pushing techniques

-Mental Health Support

-VPH goodie bag to bring with you to hospital

-Parnter Session

-"Push Prep" session to perfect pushing techniques

-Exclusive coupons for Mom & Baby

-List of trusted local providers for pre/post-natal support

-2-3 week postpartum virtual visit

-Postpartum recovery plan/protocol and return to activity

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Fertility Program

Ready to begin your fertility journey? Dealing with infertility? Looking to improve the outcome of your next IVF cycle?

We believe you deserve more options for fertility care and support. VPH is proud to offer alternative medicine and research backed fertility treatments.


Our Fertility Program consists of multiple treatments of manual and mobility therapy to optimize your fertility journey, improve blood flow flow/oxygenation to vital reproductive organs and dramatically increase your success rates!

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Pediatric Pelvic Health

Setting our children up with good bowel/bladder habits from the start is essential!

Do you have a little on struggling with accidents, constipation, urological/GI issues or potty training? Our specially trained pediatric pelvic health occupational therapist, Dr. Emily Weingartner is here for you and your family.

Children aren't just smaller adults. So pelvic floor therapy looks quite different for them than our adult patients. From potty training struggles through the lense of a pelvic health and developmental specialisty, to pediatric pelvic floor dysfunction-Dr. Emily knows how to help!


Peds PH
Fertiliy Program
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