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Will I be seen by multiple therapists?

Not at VPH! Continuity of care is vital. For that reason you will never be seen by an aide, assistant or anyone other than our pelvic health occupational of physical therapists for hour long, hands on, expert pelvic floor therapy sessions.  There is also an option to have an extended 2 hour evaluation if you have a more complex case that requires additional time and attention. 

What makes Vital Pelvic Health different?

Our Physical and Occupational Therapists are skilled, comprehensive pelvic floor therapist who don’t believe in watching you do exercises or hooking you up to a biofeedback machine. The therapists at VPH have had comprehensive training in hands on, whole body pelvic floor assessment and treatment. At some point in either your initial evaluation or during your treatment, a visual, external and internal examination of the pelvic region and muscles of the pelvic floor may be performed.  This may be done via trans vaginal or trans rectal assessment.  The purpose of the physical examination is to obtain the best objective information on the strength, muscle tone and control of your musculature and observe for any pelvic organ prolapse, skin irritation or scarring.


However, these exams are always optional and can be declined at any time during our sessions. There are a lot of other treatment techniques that can be utilized to help you achieve your goals. Other assessments outside of the pelvic floor may include fascia/connective tissue of low back, abdominal wall and pelvic girdle, dry needling or cupping, assessing breathing patterns, pelvic girdle muscle evaluation (hips, spine, abdominals, glutes, inner thighs etc.), range of motion, movement patterns, and postural/pelvis alignment- just to name a few!

Do I need a doctors referral?

No, in the state of Ohio Occupational and Physical Therapists have direct access and do not need a doctors referral to be seen.  I perform my own thorogh evaluation and work with you to create our plan of care. However, if you're pregnant and seeking internal work-a referral is preferred. 

Can I bring my baby to my appointment ?

Yes absolutely! Child care is not always feasible, and you deserve to be cared for! I encourage moms to bring in their child so that we can assess and educate in real time on proper lifting mechanics, postural alignment when carrying child, baby wearing, breastfeeding, mommy and me exercises etc. 

In the office there is a changing pad stocked with extra diapers, and wipes, as well as a play mat and toys so the littles  (and bigs) can hang out  during our session.

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