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Patient Success Stories

These are a few of almost 50 (and counting!) 5 star reviews on google. 

Feel free to take a look for yourself! We are constantly humbled by our patients kind words and them trusting us with their care. 

Wendy F. 

Ladies...spread the word! You do NOT have to be doomed for life with bladder prolapse and incontinence. I can't thank Taylor enough for her knowledge and expertise. And Kim for her help and kindness. Vital Pelvic Health and Wellness Truly changed my life. 

Lauren L

I was having trouble getting back into running postpartum. I went to Vital Pelvic Health and they were able to do a full assessment and give me exercises and stretches to work on to get my pelvic floor back on track, and I couldn't be happier with the results! Pelvic floor health is so overlooked and having this place available in the area was amazing!

Stacey B.

I started here after beginning therapy somewhere else and the difference is night and day. They are incredibly professional, knowledgeable and truly treat you as an individual. They care about diagnosing the cause of your issues instead of just treating the symptoms or lumping you into a cookie cutter therapy program. I would highly recommend coming here!

Rhoda M.

I had a tight pelvic floor and so much pain and pressure. Paige has been an answer to prayer many times over! I wasn't able to hold my toddler or even do a full day's work without laying down many times to relieve the pain and pressure. I am mostly back to normal life now and with 4 kids, that is invaluable!

Abigail C.

I had so much pelvic floor pain during pregnancy and had relief/ways to support my bump after just 1 visit. So thankful I found VPH and to continue using them!!

Jenn H.

I benefited more from my therapy than I ever imagined possible! She offered me more insight than I had received, even from doctors, on the same challenges. If you want answers and real resolution to difficulties you have lived with for a long time, know there is hope with Vital Pelvic Health and Wellness. After receiving treatment here, my life has truly changed for the better!

Alexis J.

VPH is awesome. A review cannot do justice to the service you receive here. Truly the first doctor I have found that appreciate advocating for yourself and truly care about finding the root of an issue. If you have ever thought 'do I need pelvic therapy?', do yourself a favor and go. 

Kristan B. 

I started therapy with her 3 week’s postpartum after an unplanned c-section. I was able to reach my goals and then some. Her care was was exceptional from start to finish. The knowledge that she shared and the path she placed me on is the reason I was able to recover and heal so well! I highly recommend her for all aspects of pelvic floor therapy, pre-birth guidance, and postpartum recovery!

Sharon L.

If you have any pelvic floor concerns or are experiencing issues, I recommend seeing Paige for an evaluation. I started seeing Paige in March, 2022 as recommended by my doctor to get physical therapy after having a prolapse repair surgery. For me, the education specific to the pelvic floor was just as important as the physical exercises. Paige specializes in this area (hard to find anyone else in Youngstown) and she tailored her treatment towards my specific issue.
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